Training, publications, investment and special projects in clinical research. Support for pharmaceutical development with deep insights.

PharmImage began as a resource for internal training within a European CRO, establishing a tailor-made, module-based training plan. It soon became clear that the initial scheme could be expanded to an international level. Many employees at CROs and pharmaceutical companies come from life-science careers (biologists, chemists, laboratory medical staff, nurses, physicians, pharmacists etc.) with no previous experience in the development of pharmaceutical products. An introductory book was written for those with no knowledge of the branch and the series will be continued in other areas such as quality assurance, laboratory data, safety etc. Our mission is to prepare publications and use the internet and social media to disseminate information regarding medical products.

Latest Editions


Best Practice for Clinical Monitoring

Attractive, affordable and easy to use, this book provides a sign-posted map for beginners and experienced clinical monitors through the maze of clinical research. A real-life insight into clinical studies and the specific role of the clinical monitor. With integrated examples of real documents which you will come across in the field and valuable lessons learned, this book will enable you to perform your job as a clinical monitor to the very best of your ability and in accordance with current standards.

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