High-level clinical development and regulatory strategy support

IDRE is an advisory company devoted to supporting the global development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products. Our network of specialist advisors and partners spans the globe, including KOLs and experts in most clinical indications. Our team focuses on evaluating products, preparing development plans and/or conducting research across all clinical phases.

Frequently Asked Questions

IDRE is a global network of R&D professionals with years of experience in the development of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Our approach to development is tailor made and makes the best use of the resources available, focusing on the product, its profile, and future use. This international approach allows companies of all sizes to benefit from the experience and knowledge of specialists worldwide, all working within the same entity.

As the world progresses to a more digitalised area, clinical trials are being driven by adopting new technologies. We bring together a collection of skilled and qualified professionals who have recognised expertise in specialised fields, including data management, virtual trials, and digital devices for trial participants.

Key Oppinion Leaders are usually specialists in their clinical area and/or academic researchers prominent in their field. They can be a significant asset, able to contribute expertise about the trial and underlying factors and conditions of an illness. They can also encourage other investigators to onboard, and from the sponsor's perspective, this may help lead to faster adoption of prescribing a new drug. IDRE has access to experts and opinion leaders worldwide, thanks to many years of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical development field.

Selecting a CRO for you to partner with is a critical decision. The management of IDRE is well aware of the issues involved when changing a CRO once a project has been initiated. On many occasions, IDRE has had to support sponsors in such changes and rescue trials, especially when the sponsor was foreign to the study locations. IDRE selects CROs based on their experience, service portfolio, financial stability, infrastructure, processes, systems, transparency, values, access to sites and patients, collaborative partnership and real-time responsiveness.

We have regulatory experts around the world, all of whom implement risk-based interventions, verifying compliance with standard operating procedures and guidelines and protocol requirements, as well as providing audit and inspection support. In addition, they know and understand the nuances of regulatory affairs in their given countries, ensuring communications between sponsors and regulatory authorities are as seamless as possible.

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